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What to Recycle


 We take pride in providing a community service for the wiregrass area. 
      As more people recycle the greater impact we will have on our environment.
You can recycle almost anything. It really just depends on your definition of recycling. 

Our convenient location close to Fort Rucker allows you to drop off many recyclable items.
                At Discovery Recycling our goal is to recycle
                           everything we can find a use for .

Drop off your items to Recycle
Items for Drop Off Include:                                        Items we Buy:
Computers                                                                                                        Copper
Monitors                                                                                                           Aluminum
Printers                                                                                                             Iron and Steel
Fax Machines                                                                                                     Brass
Electronics                                                                                                         Auto Batteries
Electronic cords                                                                                                 White Goods (stoves, dryers, metals etc..) fixtures, etc.)                                                                                                     Aluminum Cans
Cardboard boxes                                                                                               Lead
Paper                                                                                                                Electric Motors
Magazines                                                                                                        Wire/Communication and Christmas Lights                                                                                                                        Stainless Steel
News papers                                                                                                     Radiators                                                                                                                                                                      Clothes (Large Amounts)
Junk Mail                                                                                                          MUCH MUCH MORE!!!
Clothes and Shoes*
Cell phones
Printer cartridges and Toner
Plastic   Only  PET#1  HDPE #2 *
 (milk jugs, laundry detergent jugs, water bottles etc.
          Please look at bottom of item to determine if it is truly #1 or #2)
Motor Oil
Glass *
  (brown, green, clear, blue)
Cans  *
  (soda cans, tin cans such as catfood, vegtable cans, soup cans etc.)
Wire Hangers
Lawn Mowers
Used household items
  (includes: broken swingsets, entertainment systems with metal attached only,
             lamps, pots and pans, metal chairs, old trampolines, broken washing machines, etc.)

Please  RINSE OUT ALL FOOD  Related items and POUR out any liquid Before you drop them off *

REMOVE ALL TOPS from Bottles*

Clothes need to be clean, NOT molded. They can be ripped and old. Place them inside a garbage bag and tie shut.
Shoes need to be tied together. Separate clothes and shoes. We have separate container for both.

Do not Drop Off:
       house hold trash
       wax coated boxes
       bubble wrap
       styro foam
       cellophane wrap
       pop corn packing
       plastic bags
       video tapes
 In the future we will recycle:
 Other plastics

Our Easy Drop Off Location is in front of our Building
@ 21 Robert C. Barnes Dr. Daleville, Al.~
Behind Freds and the CSC Building in the Industrial Park.

If you are selling metals ,
Our weigh station is on the leftside of the building.  
Please do not Block or Park in the Drop Off Location  


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